As we align our sustainable action with the market in the long-term, we present you with our guiding principles here.

Set of values

We want you to know what core values the company Tellmann Consulting stands for and also how these values serve you. You will notice that this compass of values constantly resonates in our cooperation.

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Our services stand for efficiency. Quality is paramount to ensure you achieve optimum performance. As a responsible company, we offer you the high standards that we promise. We are your reliable service partner who does not compromise when it comes to efficiency.
As a professional service provider, it goes without saying that we continuously optimise all processes and procedures for a successful cooperation. In business interaction, appreciation from person to person is particularly important to us in addition to clarity in communication. Our endeavour is to take the leading position as your professional partner.
Reliability is a quality that our customers particularly appreciate as well as trusting and cooperative relationships. You will soon discover that the company Tellmann Consulting is an authentic company and an upright and strong partner at all times.
The sustainability of our services and the long-term focus of our business activities are two key aspects of our economic activity. We see ourselves as a responsible company whose drive extends beyond pure profit. We want to contribute to the common good and are involved in various social projects. What we do endures.

To contribute to the common good, the fundamental idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) is taken into account in various projects.

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There is always a drive to set up a business. The driving force behind this company is derived from the following mission:

  • To increase the efficiency in the customer’s company and to achieve savings in the process.
  • To make modern and high-quality services accessible to companies at fair prices.
  • To be a reliable service provider and business partner with whom you interact with confidence.


There is always something to strive for. Tellmann Consulting’s vision is:

  • To be a top service provider both nationally and internationally.
  • The continuous development and sales of innovative concepts.
  • To be appreciated as a professional, responsible partner and service provider who represents integrity and sustainability in the future as well.
  • To continuously enhance the brand awareness and brand popularity of Tellmann Consulting both nationally and internationally.

The premium brand Tellmann stands for:

  1. Quality services in the context of interim management and consultancy
  2. Sophisticated concepts for a high level of customer satisfaction
  3. Innovative solutions to enhance the competitive advantage
  4. Experience in domestic and international markets
  5. Clarity in communication and appreciation from person to person
  6. Business with a portfolio – long-term focus of business actions