rtellmannRalf Tellmann, born in 1965, is responsible for Tellmann Consulting GmbH in his capacity as a shareholder and managing director. After studying business administration in Munich, he joined German Lufthansa AG, where he carried out numerous international purchasing projects in the Lufthansa Group and in Star Alliance, including for example the establishment of global call centres or the conclusion of group and Star Alliance framework agreements. As commercial director and an authorised officer, he then set up Lufthansa eCommerce GmbH.

Subsequently, the economist has held various executive positions in purchasing and provider management at Dresdner Bank and various management positions at the Allianz Group, where he was responsible for, among other things, strategic purchasing or governance in the context of outsourcing. As head of division, he was responsible for tourist shopping at a subsidiary of the TUI Group Plc., where package holidays and tours were “produced” for online distribution channels.

Since 2013 he has continued to expand the business areas of Tellmann Consulting GmbH to be able to incorporate his experience in the SME sector and in companies at an international level with added value.