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The interim manager segment is becoming increasingly important in the services market.

In the event of unexpectedly occurring vacancies that are to be temporarily filled by highly qualified and experienced purchasing managers at short notice, we support our clients as an interim manager. Very often, we do this as a addition to consulting projects.

As interim managers, we are not biased against existing structures, since we are only available for the period booked or for a specific project in order to be able to advise our clients objectively. We are appointed to reinforce the resources, for restructuring, change management, crisis management, realignment, in project management or for relocations. It always comes down to implementation strength and speed of implementation for our clients.?

The challenge presented by our clients is to find appropriate managers with the right leadership and industry experience for specific tasks. Here Tellmann Consulting provides fast and efficient solutions to fulfil customer tasks.

The temporary and swift filling of a position that is to be occupied once again by a permanent employee that is yet to be selected.
As an external manager, we have a neutral view of the issues, whereby problems can be identified and resolved more quickly.
Distinctive excellence as a practitioner and extensive experience in day-to-day operations.
Improving organisational or business conditions.
Expertise and industry know-how not as competition, but as a complement to the tasks ahead. Direct implementation of proven concepts through consultancy experience.
Projects that are characterised by their novelty or uniqueness.
Agreed daily rate and estimate of travel costs.
For projects with (short-term) measurable results, daily rates can also be designed in order to achieve the best possible success (gain-sharing).
Contract negotiations and implementation of projects on all continents.

Experience in the following industries:

Airline, automotive, banking, e-commerce, trade, oil and gas industry, tour operators, software manufacturers, systems vendors, telecommunication, tourism, consultancy, insurance

As interim managers, we operate worldwide for our clients in indirect purchasing.